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Ruby Playbook

I was introduced to the idea of playbook, which is basically a recipe to win a case. It can be in a team sports situation, such as how to score in American football in a given situation. It can be used by a salesperson, such as how to win a commercial contract.

I imagined what would be my Ruby Engineering playbook:

  • Focus on hard projects that move the needle in the long-term, or alternatively easy wins (less than a day to implement+deploy)
  • Do not reinvent the wheel. Research different approaches before trying to come up with your design. Reuse when possible
  • When faced with a big block, divide, then conquer or delegate or delay. Divide means tackling the blocker in manageable chunks. The second means that I should either solve it myself, have another service solve it, or delay processing.
  • When implementing, remove as much as possible. Introduce only what’s needed to make it work, as if keystrokes were a limited resource, and copy/paste did not exist. Succinctness is underrated !
  • Faced with loops, arrays or iterations, have a log(n) or faster implementation, as if you had a CPU from last century
  • You should be able to explain your design or algorithm orally to another person, without them able to see any code
  • Do not create side-effects in other people’s work. Assume future maintainers won’t be smart so make your implementation idiot-proof
  • Before committing, ask if it is the best you can commit
  • Increase test cooverage
  • Always run linting / test suite before commit

Note : this is a WIP