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Studio Zenkai is dedicated to the craft of programming, hardware hacking, photography, machine learning and how to live sensibly.

The NoBuy Challenge

Not only intermittent fasting is a good way to manage your weight, it is only one of the rare ways to potentially increase longevity. Numerous studies have shown that fasting can help prevent cancer, heart disease, diabetes, neurodegeneration and improve immunity.

Free City Radio

A weekly radio show airing every wednesday morning on CKUT 90.3fm montréal, Free City Radio is on intersections between social activism, the arts & media landscapes Sameer Zuberi is a board member of the Québec section of the Canadian Muslim Lawyers Association & also holding a law degree from UQAM | Université du Québec à Montréal, Sameer outlined intersectional perspectives on struggles against both overt & systemic racism in Québec, as a original signatory to the Les #Moustiques open letter to protest anti-Black racism in this society & specifically against the ongoing presence / racist defence of Blackface by some ICI Radio-Canada media personalities

Foulab : Montreal’s creative space for hardware makers

Foulab is a space for hardware makers, with the idea that any smart individual can imagine and create new innovative electronics. A few metro stations away from downtown Montreal, Foulab is located in an industrial building, the kind you would expect to see hosting a rave party. Before coming to Foulab, you’ll see a studio for artists: Fiercely independent, Foulab is not sponsored by any government or corporation. It’s run by its members, in a way similar to coops.

Latest Science Is Not Necessarily Good For You

A convoy of truckers gathered in Canada’s federal capital last week. They protested vaccine mandates but rode on a wave of discontentment against lockdown, inflation and more. Many right-leaning Canadians value their “freedom” to do what they want, above general public health. They state that they will build immunity naturally and let covid19 run its course. This is on top of a belief that distrust anything from government & institutions.

Ruby Playbook

I was introduced to the idea of playbook, which is basically a recipe to win a case. It can be in a team sports situation, such as how to score in American football in a given situation. It can be used by a salesperson, such as how to win a commercial contract. I imagined what would be my Ruby Engineering playbook: Focus on hard projects that move the needle in the long-term, or alternatively easy wins (less than a day to implement+deploy) Do not reinvent the wheel.

Docker Desktop command line alternative

Docker Desktop is one of the de facto tool present on macos developer machines, along with other utilities such as git or homebrew. Contrary to apps such as VS Code, it not an app you interact with everyday but more a background tool running constantly during application development and deployment. It runs in fact the virtual machine that allows you to run docker on Windows or Mac as if you were on Linux, albeit with a little bit more resources.

How I Remote Work

In Canada, as well as many countries, Covid-19 infections is exponentially decreasing. We are on the verge of getting our old life back, from going to restaurants or to the cinemas, and why not have a celebratory drink with friends. Before moving on, I would like to share how I remote work, one of the main traits of the Covid-19 pandemic. I hope this helps other remote workers, and encourage developers and companies to adopt it on a permanent basis.

Why I am cancelling Amazon Prime

I decided this morning to cancel my Amazon Prime membership. I used it for free prime delivery, and also for occasional prime videos, such as the excellent Elementary series. It is also amazing to say “Alexa, play french songs” and discover pieces from Amazon Music you knew nothing about. I used to be a fan of the Amazon store. You could find rare items that were not sold anywhere else, at unbeatable prices.

What the Climate Change means for you and me

Today is Earth day and an excellent opportunity to reflect on human’s environmental impact. The pandemic hit countries like a truck and changed overnight our ways of working or interacting with others. Many lost their jobs, others went into depression or worse got infected with COVID-19. The origin of the disease was little discussed. It is clear for me though that human’s cancerous growth, especially deforestation, is linked to the pandemic.

Troubleshooting a web application

How do you diagnose a slow web application? What about an unresponsive web application? Those are questions I asked when interviewing recently developers. The questions are simple to understand yet complex to answer. Many applicants study data structures or various algorithms. Few have a holistic view of web applications, due to lack of experience or because of niche specializations. They often work on a specific part of a web project, and have little appreciation of work done in back-end, front-end, devops or other areas.