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Latest Science Is Not Necessarily Good For You


A convoy of truckers gathered in Canada’s federal capital last week. They protested vaccine mandates but rode on a wave of discontentment against lockdown, inflation and more.

Many right-leaning Canadians value their “freedom” to do what they want, above general public health. They state that they will build immunity naturally and let covid19 run its course. This is on top of a belief that distrust anything from government & institutions.

On the other side, locals in Ottawa or Toronto label them as selfish, anti-science rednecks. Let’s get vaccinated, two, three or more times, they say, and be done with the pandemic.

I will not comment on social issues, but my personal opinion is that latest science is not necessarily good for you.

In this case, studies have proven that the messenger RNA vaccines significantly improve immunity against Covid, prevent severe hospitalization and lower mortality rate. This is a major breakthrough.

But history demonstrates major technology breakthroughs has pitfalls years or decades later:

  • Nuclear energy creates absurd amounts of energy but brings cancer,
  • Plastic is an amazing material but also brings cancer and pollution. I can name many other “magic” materials such as asbestos that wreaks havoc wherever you use them,
  • ICE engines revolutionized transport but brought in part climate change,
  • Social media is amazing for entertainment but creates mental health issues in kids & teenagers,
  • Food processing technologies are amazing and brings us delicious french fries, ice cream & soda. But they also increase risks of obesity & diabetes Type 2,

There are countless examples but the general gist is that technology or the latest science will bring serious issues, often many decades later, especially when said technology is too good to be true.

In this case, messenger RNA vaccines are amazing and almost a miracle. But so far, there has been no studies on the long term consequences. Are there any side effects on immunity or precursor cells, twenty years down the line? Who knows. Myself, I have been double vaccinated. There’s nothing wrong in using the latest science at a critical moment, such as a life threatening situation. But I do not think we should trust blindly the latest science. Take a step back, review what is available with a grain of salt, and think about the long term.